Annie Besant in 1914

  I have visited the Ramakrishna Home with much pleasure. There is no service to the motherland, which is greater than the brining of Her youth in Her great religion hand-in-hand with western knowledge. Only then, can the English-educated and the Sanskrit educated be drawn together, and the great inspiration, which came from Sri Ramakrishna, through his noblest disciple Swami Vivekananda, be made effectual in the uplifting of India.

Mahathma Gandhi in 1915

I am exceedingly glad at being able to see this institution. There is no lack in enthusiasm displayed by those managing the Institution and experience will show the many ways in which students may reap benefit.

Mrs. sarojini naidu in 1917

I wish all success the Students Home, which is the academy of the future servants of India, trained to a harmonious expression of life and service through the vital influences of great ideals and common aspirations.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nerhu in  1936

The Students’ Home in Madras is an ambitious venture run on a big scale… I was impressed by it and its efficiency. I wish it all success.
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