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Ramakrishna Mission Residential High School

High School

The High School was started in the year 1922 and initially housed in Nattukkottai Nagarathar Building (now in Vivekananda College). In 1942 during world war time, the High School was shifted to Uthiramerur in Kanchipuram district and later to Athur near Chengalpattu. It was shifted back to the Home premises in 1958. 

The High School section has five classes from VI std to X std, the medium of instruction is Tamil and recognized by the State Education Department.

At present there are four teaching staff including Headmaster, one non teaching staff under Govt. grant-in-aid category while Eight teaching staff and one non-teaching staff are under self-supporting category under management cadre.

During 2021-22 academic year, 45 students appeared for SSLC Board Exams. Master. Vijayaragavan G has scored 33 out of 500. Out of 45 students 21 students have obtained 1st class, 16 students have obtained 2nd class and the remaining 07 students have obtained 3rd class.

Admission & Strength

Admissions are made in the VI standard on the basis of poverty cum merit. As soon as applications are received from the applicants, physical verification at their native places is done by the teachers regarding genuineness of the applicant’s status and the committee headed by the Secretary Swamiji finalizes the admission. 

During this year, 48 students were admitted in 6th Std, 3 students in 7th Std and 2 students in 8th Std. As on 30-06-2021, the total Students strength is 244 (6th Std - 48, 7th Std - 45, 8th Std -56, 9th Std – 50 and 10th Std-45). Break-up: OC – 1, BC – 123, MBC – 70, DNC – 5, SC-34, SCA-6, ST –5. 

For students with Dyslexia, special classes are being organized in the Home through a special teacher. 11 students from 7th standards are given special training.


Special English and communication classes are conducted for all the students by ELT certified experts throughout the year. 

Smart Class Rooms

Most of our class rooms are equipped with smart boards, ultra short through projectors, PCs with broadband internet connections so that the students’ learning is made interesting and beneficial because of creative teaching methods. 

​​STEM Laboratory in Residential High School

A newly established STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) laboratory was inaugurated in the Residential High School at 10.45 a.m. on Tuesday, 21 March 2023. Infosys Foundation has established the STEM Lab free of cost for the use of our High School students. 

The STEM Lab is situated on the second floor of the main building ‘Palace for the Poor’.
Sri  Kiran N. G, Program Manager, Infosys Springboard (ETA), and Sri  Santhosh.MM, Specialist Learner – Infosys Springboard (ETA), both from Infosys visited the Home and graced the occasion as Chief Guests along with other guests, staff, and students.
STEM Lab Photo
STEM Lab Photo
Computer Lab

Computer Laboratory

Students trained in the well equipped laboratory (25 PCs and 30 Tablet PCs with UPS power supply) during Saturday, Sundays & their computer lab periods. Here students trained in basics of the computer like word, excel, browsing, drawing, typing, using emails etc. 

Mathematics Laboratory

To get easy understanding of the concepts of mathematics, students are given training in the lab. Models and Modules available in the lab help the students to practically explore and understand the mathematical concepts.

Robotics Training

Students are given training in robotics to equip them to understand and to get updated with the latest / growing technology. This helps them to cope up with the modern world when they take-up their career. Exhibitions were conducted & students were invited from other schools to participate in the same. 

Science Park

To practically understand the concepts of science, various science modules have been setup in the school campus. Students can explore and understand the concepts on their own. Children coming from other schools are also benefited by seeing these modules.


A library with thousands of books provide students an opportunity to explore in all fields, develop their general knowledge apart from their subjects.

Extra Curricular Activities


Sports and Games is an important activity for the boys to maintain their health and fitness. Training is given in various sports and games (outdoor and indoor). 

The following clubs were functioning in the School:

Pasumai Padai, Science club, Junior Red Cross, Tamil cultural club, English Club. These clubs conduct various competitions like drawing, essay writing, speech & conduct awareness programs to develop the creativity among the students. 

Students Police Cadet: 

        As per the instructions of the Government, Student Police (SPC) was formed in the school. This project aims to inculcate in students respect for the law, discipline, civic sense, empathy for the vulnerable sections of the society. Our cadets participated in various awareness programmes. Green Cadet Corps unit of our Residential High School was engaged in maintaining greenery of our Home & proper waste management by segregating and disposing in a proper way.

Band Troupe

The school has a full-fledged band set with various instruments. Our boys are given regular training on the weekends by a Band Master. They play during all major events in the Home. 

Kailaya Vadyam

Kailaya Vadyam, one of the oldest musical arts in Tamilnadu, used to play in the temples during festival times. Weekly three days experts are giving training to our boys. Our troupe performed during processions of Guru Maharaj, Annai Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda & Swami Ramakrishnananda jayanthi days. Apart from these, the troupe played during important functions of the Students' Home.

Kalari Payattu Training

In order to preserve & develop this ancient skill, some of our students were  given training in Kalaripayatu by Kalariyil Kshatriya team on Saturdays & Sundays.

Harmonium Class: 

A qualified music teacher is taking harmonium classes for our school students for 3 days per week. Nearly 15 students are attending this class.

Tabala: A qualified artist is conducting tabala classes for our school stu- dents during the weekends.

Yoga Training

Every morning our students are doing Yogasanas. This training class is of 20 minutes duration. This helps the students to maintain good physical and mental health, increase athletic performance etc.

Spiritual & Moral Classes

On every Fridays moral classes are conducted for about one hour after evening arati. Sadhus from Students' Home & teachers conducted the classes. Students also attended spiritual classes by sadhus visiting from other centres and blessed by them.

Other Activities:

Copies of Ramakrishna Vijayam, Tamil monthly magazine of Ramakrishna Order, are being distributed to the parents / guardian of our present students free of cost.
On Jan 12th, Youth day was celebrated in our school grand manner.
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