Kalari Payattu Training @ Students Home     

In order to preserve & develop this ancient skill, some of our students were  given training in Kalaripayatu by Kalariyil Kshatriya team on Saturdays & Sundays.

​Kailaya Vadyam

Kailaya Vadyam, one of the oldest musical arts in Tamilnadu, used to play in the temples during festival times. Weekly three days experts are giving training to our boys. Our troupe performed during processions of Guru Maharaj, Annai Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda & Swami Ramakrishnananda jayanthi days. Apart from these, the troupe played during important functions of the Students' Home.

Band Troupe

The school has a full-fledged band set with various instruments. Our boys are given regular training on the weekends by a Band Master. They play during all major events in the Home. 

Yoga Training
Every morning our students are doing Yogasanas. This training class is of 20 minutes duration. This helps the students to maintain good physical and mental health, increase athletic performance etc.​​

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